Hello, how can we help you?

Definitely. Our company has an official registration in the Australia, registration number 640 223 669. It operates within the legal framework of the country of registration.

Account verification is done only at your request and it is not obligatory. This is an additional factor of the security of your account. Unverified accounts have a monthly withdrawal limit - no more than $ 15,000. If this limit is not enough for you, please pass the verification.

Sure. FACTORING PTY LTD does not transfer your personal data to third parties and guarantees the complete confidentiality of your data.

No, You don't need to pay income tax, the company pays income tax for all customers at the end of each quarter. If necessary, you can request an income tax report at the end of the year.

Yes, it's safe. Before investing your funds, our company checks manufacturers and suppliers for 400 parameters, and our scoring uses artificial intelligence to quickly and accurately evaluate the risk of investing.

Yes, you can be sure of this, because we work in the legal field and provide the best service for our investors, working with global insurance companies. An investment agreement and an investment insurance agreement are concluded with each investor.

Yes, of course. We do not restrict the withdrawal of the funds, as the company complies with the international financial standards and cannot restrict the access to the investor's funds. If you urgently need your deposit, you have the right to withdraw it after deducting the interest paid to you, as the deposit has not worked all period.

Accruals are done on business days, 5 days a week.

You can open an unlimited number of deposits.

You can withdraw funds only to the payment system that you made the deposit from.

No. The company does not charge any additional hidden fees and commissions.