About us

"FACTORING PTY LTD" provides factoring services to clients through its crowdfactoring platform.

FACTORING PTY LTD is the first company in the industry that provides individuals with platform for crowdfactoring services for investment portfolios. "FACTORING PTY LTD" gives clients the opportunity to act as a third-party investors. Funds invested in this way offer good returns. The investor receives an income by financing SMEs medium and small businesses based on their receivables due from large enterprises. The interest rate depends on the investment period and the amount invested. Therefore, the company offers clients a variety of investment options, and investors, receive information about their future earnings in advance. In addition, daily interest accruals are calculated. Such investments are reliable and contribute to the development of mobile business development.

It is more than just a direction.

We are creating a common business.

This type of investment, along with other investment portfolios, is popular among investors for these reasons:

  • Risks are minimised due to the careful selection of business clients;
  • It gives a stable, pre-calculated income;
  • Investors are free to choose any term, interest rate and amount invested;
  • It offers the highest possible income, compared to other forms of invest;
  • Investments can be made remote.

There is also a special offer for individuals. We pay for insurance to protect your investment.