Our advantages

Online business

All company activities are carried out and provided online

Business portfolio

Flexible terms and conditions of investment for partners of the company

Mobile factoring

The company’s mobility allows the client to get the desired result in a few clicks

Investment security

All operations are secured by contractual relationships and insurance

Business crowdfactoring


We identify criteria for quantifying the interpretation of the level of creditworthiness of each borrower in many ways.

We act as guarantors for each transaction by fixing obligations for the services provided and their fulfillment through contractual relationships.

We provide a full range of services and are a guarantor for the organisation for all transactions through the insurance policy of each beneficiary.

We control the optimisation of financial movements in order to create maximum profit for the client.



On a mandatory basis, all private investments are insured by international insurance organisations that are part of the World Bank group. Each transaction, addressed to the company "FACTORING PTY LTD", is insured for three times the amount of the client’s deposit amount. Hedging, diversification and insurance of the investment process is an important formula of a company when organizing crowdfactoring.